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Gbackup Cloud Solution Pricing

The Gbackup Cloud Solution has two facets to the cost:

It is as simple as selecting the correct licensing and adding the amount of storage you need.

Backup Software Licensing

Gbackup licenses are required only for the client installations backing up to the Backup Server. A Client Access License (CAL) is a license unit that allows a client to backup to the Gbackup backup server. You simply need to subscribe for the Client Access Licenses (CALs) from us, which will be allocated to your account.

The price per CAL per month is R40.00ex.VAT per month.

Here is the how the different client Operating Systems use CALs:

Description   Number of CALs
Desktop Operating System - Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2000&Mac OSX   1
Server Operating System - Windows 2008 Server, Windows SBS Server, Windows EBS Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Linux, FreeBSD   2

Here is the how the different optional features use CALs:

Description   Number of CALs
Microsoft Exchange Server Backup   2
Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox backup (Unlimited Mailboxes)   1
Microsoft SQL Server Backup   2
MySQL Server Backup   1
Disk Image Backups (Bare-metal)   2
Microsoft Sharepoint Backup   2
VMware Backup (per host machine socket, Unlimited Guest OS’s)   2

Gbackup Licensing Example

  • A Windows 7 machine backing up files/folders will consume 1 CAL per month = R40.00ex.VAT.
  • A Windows 2003 Server backing up Exchange Server will consume 4 (2+2) CALs per month = R160.00ex.VAT.
  • A Windows 2008 Server backing up Exchange Server and Exchange Mailboxes will consume 5 (2+2+1) CALs per month = R200.00ex.VAT.

Backup Storage

The Gbackup software needs storage to be allocated to your account for the solution to be effective. Unlike many other online backup providers we only charge you for the compressed amount of storage you have allocated and not the full size of the files as they are stored on your computer or server.
In addition if you have multiple software licenses your storage is treated as one pool, allowing you to benefit from better pricing as you grow.

The pricing for Backup Storage is as follows:

Amount of Storage Price per GB   Price ex.VAT (pm)
2GB R25.00   R50.00
5GB R20.00   R100.00
25GB R16.00   R400.00
100GB R12.00   R1,200.00
250GB R10.00   R2,500.00
500GB R8.00   R4,000.00

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*Please note that all our pricing excludes VAT.


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