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The Gbackup cloud backup solution applies to both small and medium sized businesses who have data that is important to their daily operations.

Typically files such as accounting package data, business contracts, research and much more are indispensible to businesses.

In certain industries such as finance, legal or medical industries it is a legal requirement to ensure that you maintain records of all your data and communications for a period of five years.

One aspect to consider when using a cloud backup solution is you internet connectivity. Your data needs to be sent from your computer or server to our servers and depending on the amount of data or frequency of changes your internet connection can be a limiting factor.

The Gbackup software has intelligence to only backup the exact changes within your files and not just send any file that has changed or all your files to our servers each time your backup runs. For example: If you only change one word within a document, only the one word change will be extracted from the document and sent to our servers.

You are welcome to contact one of our consultants who can easily advise you with regards to your requirements and existing connectivity.

For clients that backup 1tb or more of data we suggest that you consider our appliance solutions as they will be a more practical and cost effective solution for your requirements

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