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Gbackup Appliance Applications

NAS appliances are fairly inexpensive and allow for RAID setup to ensure redundancy of data.

These appliances are used to take the pressure off your internet connection as well as your network. If your backups run primarily to the NAS appliance and then from there are distributed offsite to another facility, this will reduce bottlenecks in your network setup.

A secondary or unused server could be setup as an “appliance” type configuration.

Gbackup Appliance Applications

Appliance based solutions are best implemented as an “intermediary” between your network and the secondary location – this site can be a data centre which is ideal (cloud environment), otherwise an office (see Gbackup Replication service) or a secure home (manger’s home or secondary office). Contact us to get pricing and customized quotations on appliance based solutions.


Gbackup software must be installed on the client machine (Server or PC). Data will automatically be compressed and encrypted before being sent directly over Ethernet to the local backup appliance.

Gbackup Appliance Applications


Software licensing (For Computer/s or Server/s)

  • Any database requirement will be an add-on (see pricelist) Hardware requirements
  • Backup server or NAS appliance required. (QNAP recommended)
  • RAID (Recommended)
  • Storage – Allow for growth for 3-5yrs depending on customers budget.

Note: - Gbackup can supply appliances at industry standard rates.

  • Setup, Configuration and monitoring to be managed by Gbackup Engineers directly, verified reseller or partner.

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